Talisman Lighting Design has its own workshop in Marrakech which employs a highly skilled team of in house designers and artisans who are trained in a diverse range of disciplines. There are at least 20 departments of master craftsmen who collaborate in the production of each lantern. From pattern designing, carving, assembling, dressing, finishing and electrification, each piece is meticulously created to produce artistry of exceptional quality.

Our workshop produces contemporary handmade lanterns by applying the sawn work techniques of precision jewellery making. We can produce lighting to a highly intricate degree of detail in all types of metals including brass, iron, stainless steel and nickel silver. The lights made in our workshop are unique and are made by hand without the use of machines or lasers. Our collection of lighting is created with detailing that combines expertise and elegance.

Every lantern in this range has been studied and created to be illuminated in a manner that best displays its mesmerising lighting effect. As members of the British Lighting Industry Association, our lighting department remains committed to upholding the highest standards possible for safety, performance and quality.

About Talisman Lighting Design